Do Moving Companies Wrap Furniture?

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If you have decided to hire a professional moving company then there are several concerns that you have to clear before signing the contract. Among other important concerns, it is very much important to know do moving companies wrap furniture or not?

Although this also depends upon the company you have hired. Getting services from a reputable and trustworthy moving company will make your move safe, secure, and comfortable. Hiring professionals like will provide you an affordable, stress-free, and damage-free move. If you have hired a company for full movers and packers service then these companies will definitely pack your belongings ensuring the safety of each piece.

Of course, one of the major reasons why you must have chosen to use the services of a professional moving company is because it’s just easier. Instead of doing all the hard work, you, having already done your homework right and hired one of the top-rated movers in the country, can just stand aside while the professionals go about doing what they do best.

How Moving Companies Wrap Furniture?

How Moving Companies Wrap Furniture

Packing is the most stressful and time-consuming chore throughout the moving process, especially when it comes to larger furniture pieces. Hiring professional movers will make things simpler for you, but you’ll have to keep an eye on your packers while they wrap your furniture. Let’s have a look at how furniture is packed.

But then, it’s only fair that you ask yourself: How will movers protect your valuable items during the move? What can you expect for your money? After all, you want to make sure you’ve made the right choice calling in the pros. In this article, I will briefly explain how these moving companies wrap outdoor furniture. The following are some of the ways that GOOD movers will safeguard your possessions during a move:

1. Gather Packing Supplies

Gather Packing Supplies

It’s a widespread moving fallacy that you just need cardboard boxes, packing tape, and moving blankets to pack and secure your possessions. While these goods may suffice, investing in a few extra materials will ensure a smooth transition to a new house or storage facility.

  • Plastic Wrap: A big sheet of plastic wrap that is wrapped around a piece of furniture or appliance to protect the surface and keep doors and drawers shut.
  • Bubble Wrap: In addition to plastic wrap, bubble wrap or another type of air cushion might be used to wrap your furniture. This added layer of protection will aid in the safeguarding of more delicate items.
  • Moving Blankets: Any material that is coated in plastic will be unable to “breathe” properly. If the absence of air circulation around your furniture poses a risk of damage, your crew may use moving blankets, which provide both a cushion and a protective covering.
  • Specialist Boxes: Some furniture (such as mirrors) should be moved in specialty boxes intended to prevent impact and create a barrier between the piece’s surface and the other objects being carried.
  • Ramps and Dollies: The most likely time for damage to occur when moving furniture is during the loading and unloading process. That’s why we utilize ramps, dollies, and other equipment to make transporting heavy objects simple and safe.
  • Hooks and tie-downs will be used to hold heavy objects in place after the furniture is placed into the truck. This will keep your furniture secure during the voyage by preventing it from moving during shipment.

2. Prepare Your Furniture For Packing

Prepare Your Furniture For Packing

Moving companies wrap furniture just like Before the furniture movers in Dubai start packing your furniture items they’ll first thoroughly clean your furniture or you can do it first for yourself. Cleaning furniture items before packing will ensure safety and avoid them from getting scratched. A dust-free piece of furniture is quite easier to clean.

Remove any screws, knobs, or pulls that may be present from the furniture. Dresses and side tables should have their drawers removed. Other storage items that need to be packed should be emptied. This provides you with more storage space while also allowing you to move heavy items more easily.

3. Disassemble Your Furniture

Disassemble Your Furniture

Before they start packing your furniture, the large pieces of furniture must be disassembled. For your tables, chairs, sofas, or couches, they remove legs or arms if those are attached with screws or bolts.

It is better to dismantle the furniture in order to avoid any type of damage to your furniture pieces during the move. The movers of the moving companies wrap furniture and also disassemble your bed to pack it completely. This will make it easier for them to move your furniture and prevent every piece from getting damaged. Here are the following tips that you can follow if you want to dismantle your furniture by yourself.

  • Always follow the user’s manual for disassembling your furniture, if available. This will make it easy for you to accurately separate the pieces of your furniture pieces.
  • For the nuts and bolts, you must consider using a sealable plastic bag. This will keep different furniture hardware like screws & bolts safe.
  • If your furniture piece has a lot of pieces, you must mark the pieces with their concerning areas so that it will be easy for you to assemble the furniture.
  • To save time on moving day, consider disassembling furniture the day before.

4. Wrap Furniture Correctly

Wrap Furniture Correctly

When it comes to securely move your furniture, moving companies wrap the furniture in bubble wrap and plastic sheeting are two of the greatest tools at your disposal. Protect delicate wood items with bubble wrap. To preserve your upholstered furniture, use plastic wrap or specially made plastic sofa covers.

Old blankets or packing blankets will suffice in a hurry. In between the wooden pieces, corrugated cardboard sheets are also a fantastic option. This provides additional protection and helps to avoid gouges or scratches when the furniture is being transported.

Bubble wrap is also great for protecting mirrors and glass tabletops. Consider first putting a big “X” on the object using painter’s tape so that if it does break, it will be less likely to break again. Completely wrap the glass or mirror, giving careful attention to the edges. Place the object between two pieces of corrugated cardboard to finish.

In The End

Moving does not have to be a difficult experience. Pack, secure, and move your larger goods correctly to take some of the stress out of the equation. This will ensure that your furniture arrives in good condition at your new house. Learn more about how to keep your belongings secure in a storage unit if you decide to use self-storage for your relocation.

Moving companies wrap furniture and Moving blankets or padding should be used to cover most major pieces of furniture that are prone to scratches and dents. If you can’t preserve your things this way, wrap them in plastic wrap to guarantee they arrive scratch-free. Upholstered furniture, such as couches, easy chairs, dining room chairs, office chairs, and headboards, is included.

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