Do Movers Steal Your Stuff?

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Do Movers Steal Your Stuff? No, if you are moving with reputable movers that are trustworthy and committed to their job like Considering the overall situation around the world, we come to know about scam movers daily. Whether through emails or customer complaints, we got to know that people have been victimized by scam movers.

This can be in any way that they may have stolen their items, they have damaged their belongings or even worse than this the mover has held their stuff and asked for more money other than the actual deposit to release their stuff.

In this situation, what they can do is to feel helpless. These scam movers aren’t working on the rules and just came to make people fool with moving scams. They were just meant to take your money and leave you in miserable condition.

Do Movers Steal Your Stuff? Complete Guide

You can’t count on anyone to trust your belongings. Taking a wise decision can only be the best precautionary measure that you can take. It may take a lot of effort to find the best-trusted company, you have to go through a lot of things to investigate and make a decision. but once you find a reputable packers & mover company, you’ll be stress-free for your move.

Considering the exceptions for scam movers, you must know how to deal with that situation. What should be your priority moves for encountering the situation? Read this article ahead to know about Do Movers Steal Your Stuff and the steps that you need to take urgently.

Have A Look At Step That Needs To Be Taken Urgently If Mover Steal Your Stuff

If unfortunately, you have come across non-professional movers or scammers, then you’ll definitely have to go through these steps. Knowing about the basic considerations will help you in this condition.

1. Complaint to the Moving Company

Complaint to the Moving Company

If you’ve been taken advantage of in a hostage situation, make sure to register a formal complaint with the moving firm. This step may not solve the problem, but it will provide you with written proof of your complaint.

2. Call the Cops

Call the Cops

According to the Better Business Bureau, you should contact local law authorities “if the moving business fails to keep its commitments or threatens to hold your things hostage.” Cops may only intervene if a municipal or state law has been breached, according to

3. Contact Government Regulators

Contact Government Regulators

If you need to know Do Movers Steal Your Stuff? Then Contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration if you’re moving from one state to another. If you’re relocating inside your state, contact the state agency that governs moving firms or your state’s consumer protection department.

According to media reports, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration can punish a Moving Firm up to $10,000 per day if it holds people’s belongings hostage during an interstate relocation. The federal motor carrier agency does prosecute movers who hold their customers’ belongings, hostage.

4. Notify the Better Business Bureau

Notify the Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau keeps track of both interstate and intrastate moving complaints. While the bureau may be unable to mediate your issue, your complaint may help to prevent another person from being taken advantage of by the same mover.

5. Check Out The Consumer Protection Companies

Check Out The Consumer Protection Companies

Do you want to know Do Movers Steal Your Stuff? Checking out Consumer Protection Companies that list moving firms that it has endorsed. Also, acquire written estimates from at least three movers; an estimate should be set up after a representative from each mover has visited your property.

6. Do Your Homework

This should actually be your first step in order to skip the other five stages we’ve listed. To begin, look up the moving firms with whom you’re considering doing business by visiting websites such as You should select a professional and insured moving company.

Your Responsibility!

By choosing to work with moving companies, you can help others not to become victims of these scammers. You can write reviews online or publish news about these illegal, irresponsible moving companies.


Do Movers Steal Your Stuff, it entirely depends on how to make a decision for choosing a moving company. If you have done your homework properly then there are very few chances that you may indulge in this kind of situation.

But in any case, if you go through this situation, you must consider all the above-mentioned steps in order to get your stuff back. Making the right decision is the key, so try to make an informed decision and do complete research while confirming your decision!!

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