Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers?

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Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers? When relocating, a common issue is whether you may leave your dresser or chest of drawers full of clothes and other personal items, or if you should empty the drawers before the movers arrive. This is the most commonly asked question by most people. Although it is customary, the answer is dependent on considering a number of factors.

How Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers?

So we’ll need to examine each alternative in-depth to determine whether it’s best to keep your drawers full, empty them, or remove them entirely! Now have a look at how Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers?

Easy Way For the Closet Downsizing Dilemma

Interior of an empty luxury bedroom with walk-in closet. So, your moving home preparations are going smoothly with house movers in Dubai, and you’re on top of things, packing your boxes and bags neatly. Then there’s your dresser or chest of drawers, which truly offers an unaccountable array of options. Should I pull the drawers out while they’re still full, keep them in but empty the clothing and whatnot, or simply leave them as it is, sticks some Sellotape on them, and hope for the best?

Empty The Drawers

Wardrobe storage system. Clean up clothes with konmari method (Marie Kondo). Clothes neatly folded in bedroom Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers? This is what most people do intuitively, especially if they have a lot of personal items in their drawers that they don’t want to fall out of or be seen with. They empty the drawers and keep their possessions somewhere else. It’ll Be beneficial for you to empty the chest or drawers of your dresser. Your movers will easily decide whether to keep the drawers in or out of the dresser. The size and weight of the object, as well as how simple it will be to transport it to the removal truck, will determine which option they select. Additionally, once loaded into the vehicle, the empty drawers may be placed back into the chest, conserving space and keeping them secure for transport.

Takeout All Your Possessions & Insert The Drawers Back

There’s no reason not to leave the drawers in after emptying them if it’s a lightweight chest of drawers that Movers can easily lift up and transport. If space is limited and you don’t want the drawers to fly out while carrying the chest, you can either secure the dresser drawers by taping them shut with duct tape (not sellotape because it’s not strong enough) or remove them for carrying and then re-insert once loaded in the van. This is the better option if it’s a valuable item that you don’t want to lose.

Keep the Drawers Out After Emptying Them

Furniture waste Threw outside Services Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers? If the chest of drawers is a large, heavy oak dresser, for example, the drawers will almost certainly need to be removed to decrease the weight and make moving the chest more bearable, if not practicable in certain severe situations. Movers Tip: If you want to be as prepared as possible, stack the drawers near the exit door. The chest will probably be placed into the truck before any of the boxes or loose items, and the drawers may be swiftly reinstalled before the rest of the vehicle is loaded.

Take Out The Drawers But Keep The Possessions Inside

Organizing and cleaning home. Man preparing orderly folded t-shirts in drawer. Do I Have To Empty My Drawers For Movers? This is a popular choice among some, and it makes sense in certain ways. Why not pull the drawers out but keep all your clothing and other belongings in them, as they are effect containers themselves? However, there are a few disadvantages to this technique. For example, individuals typically keep personal and private things in their drawers, which you may not want to transport in an open container. Furthermore, unlike uniform boxes, drawers with their narrow sides aren’t very stackable, and if they move around in the truck, any fragile things housed within them may be destroyed.

Don’t Pull The Drawers Out & Don’t Even Empty Them

Bedroom drawers sit on an unmade bed on moving day. Finally, none of the aforementioned issues are even on some people’s radars, and they expect Movers to be superhuman and capable of humping any huge object, regardless of its weight. Take the full drawers out, load the empty frame into the van, then put the full drawers back into the chest and fasten with straps or in some other way to guarantee they don’t fly open at the first roundabout, as we’ve learned from years of experience in the removals coalface. Simples!

In The End!

Do I have to empty my drawers for movers? Considering the above option, it’s all about your choice but the good news is that they absolutely can. Don’t worry about it; they’re used to coping with a variety of circumstances on a daily basis. Simply be aware of which approach is most likely to fit your circumstance and be prepared ahead of time to avoid any last-minute problems.
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