What is the first thing you should pack when moving?

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What is the first thing you should pack when moving? So, if you are transferred to your job or relocating to your new city, you must be thinking about packing. Moving to a new place is exciting as it is a new start to life, you’ll have a chance to explore new places, new things, you’ll meet more people and definitely will have new friends. But what makes it overwhelming is to make a plan on how to smoothly move to your new city to enjoy all those things.

What Is The First Thing You Should Pack When Moving? Steps To DO

Well, perfect planning and the ability to properly organize things will make it easy for you. I am here to help you out with this. In this article, I’ll guide you about what is the first thing you should pack when moving. But before discussing these things, let’s just have a look at the pre-packing measures that you must take.

SO, As soon as you get to know that you are moving to a new city, there are some important tasks that need to be done immediately. Planning to do these things on priority makes your transition easier. Let’s take a look!

Make A Checklist!

Make A Checklist

After getting to know that you are moving, you must start by making a checklist. That list will contain several tasks that should be categorized on the basis of priority. Several tasks should be listed to do before packing, after packing until your moving day.

Making this checklist will ensure you get every task done on time and you’ll not skip anything that needs to be done. It’ll provide you a timeline for all your prior tasks or you can make a to-do list to complete the moving process smoothly. Check it off, Once you get it done!


So, when you decide to start packing things, it would be the best decision to make an inventory list. This list incorporates all the belongings that you will take with you. First, make a master list of all your possessions and then break them into categories. Having this list on hand will help you figure out what is the first thing you should pack when moving.

Sweep It Off!

After finalizing your inventory list, you’ll have an idea to get rid of a few things that you can’t move with you or you don’t want to move. Before you start your packing process, you must separate clothes, books, toys, or any other accessories that you want to donate. Or if you have some unnecessary items that you don’t want to have in your new home, throw them away. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready to start packing.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Last but not the least, pre-packing considerations include hiring professional house movers in Dubai. A professional known & trusted company like will assist you in moving smartly. Contact a moving company, take an estimate, confirm your booking for the moving day. This act will make you stress-free to start packing your belongings.

So, these are the top considerations that you should consider prior to packing. Let’s discuss what is the first thing you should pack when moving!

What To Pack First When Moving?

You are delaying the time to start packing? This is because you are actually confused about how to start packing or what to pack first. No worries, I am here to make it easy for you. Just have a thorough look at the below-listed items, note them, and start your pacing with this list in your hand. Let’s start!

Items in storage

What do you have in your storage? With my consideration, items in storage must be packed first. We normally store those items in storage that are rarely used. No matter if it is in a storage unit, garage, or any deep closet inside your wardrobe. These things are easy to pack and most probably you’ll not be needing them before moving.

Just take the boxes with the same measurements and put those accessories in the boxes. If You find anything is useless to have, then get rid of it. It’ll also help you in modifying your storage item like what to have and what not to have.

Out-of-season clothes

Yeah! There we go… so this is probably the best start. Out-of-season clothes are easy to pack and definitely, you don’t need them now before you move to your new home. So, packing these clothes will clear up a lot of space and you’ll be done with maximum packing. Packing these items will allow you to spare more time for other tasks to be done on time.

China & Luxury Crockery

China & Luxury Crockery

What is the first thing you should pack when moving? When it’s confirmed that you are moving to a new home then, most probably you’ll not be hosting any fancy dinner or get-together before you move, hopefully, your friends, neighbors, or colleagues invite you for farewell… Well, with this regard, you’ll not be needing your luxurious crockery or china.

So, you can comfortably pack your china, or other rarely used dishes. One thing that you must ensure is to pack each item with proper care and keen attention. These fragile items may get damaged with a little ignorance. So be very keen while packing them. You can use paper plates for the last few in your home!

Artwork, Wall hangings & Picture frames

Artwork, Wall hangings & Picture frames

So, now come the items for no use. Yes, these luxurious decorative assortments are just for making your place attractive and elegant. When you are moving to your new house, you’ll definitely need them to decorate your new place.

Packing them before the moving day will not stop any of your work & if any visitors visit you, they’ll know that you are moving, so you have to worry about the look of your house. Mostly in a hurry to move, we may forget to take our wall hanging or photo frames so, packing them prior to moving will also keep you out of this concern on moving day.

Extra Towels & Linens

What is the first thing you should pack when moving? These are the perfect belongings for you to pack first when moving. Packing your bedsheets, window dressings or extra towels on your moving can be overwhelming. It is better to take out time, wash your towel, bed sheet, or curtains, and pack them before the moving day.


Last but not the least, books are the items that you actually don’t need in your old home. Separate the books that you want to keep and pack the rest of the books that are not in use. Return all books that you have borrowed to someone or from the library.

In The End!

Deciding what is the first thing you should pack when moving can be intimidating, but I have tried to help you with a brief list to start packing. Considering this list to pack these things prior to moving day will make most of the packing done and you’ll be free to focus on your other thing that needs to be done!

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