Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It?

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Relocation is the process that all of us go through sooner or later. Whether to shift a home across the bridge or transfer to another city or maybe move abroad. We made a move! This is the most frequently asked question by many people that Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It? Well, you may consider it yes or no. In this article, I’ll let you know about the situations when you can keep the clothes on the dresser or when you can’t keep the clothes on the dresser. See what professionals say about this!

Have A Glance At Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It?

“Considering the view of professional movers like, you can keep your clothes in the dresser if your dresser is sturdy and light in weight. An old dresser with solid wood will be much heavier, so you have to remove everything from it.” Now have a look at Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It?

Have A Look at Items That You Must Remove From Your Dresser

white chest of old fashioned drawers open and closed You don’t only store clothes in the dresser, with the huge storage options we store our multiple valuable items in our dresses. So, it is very much important to take out each of our valuable items from the dresser before you hand over your dressers to your professional movers. I am listing below some personal belongings that you must remove from the dresser before moving. Personal Belongings
  • Loose Clutter & Junk
  • Cash/Money/Cheques
  • ATM Cards/IDs/Passports
  • Jewelry/Keepsakes
  • Medications
  • Liquids
  • Makeup
  • Bulky/Heavy Items
  • ANY Other Valuables
  • ANY Fragile Items

What happens If You Keep Clothes In Your Dresser?

Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It? Although clothes are lighter items that are not actually harmful to be kept in a dresser. But if the dresser is completely packed full of cloth and any other item, then your dresser will be damaged. While moving a dresser from one place to another place, the mover has to maneuver the dresser. It’ll probably hit the wall around the corner while moving across the stairs that may damage the dresser. The ultimate way to keep your dresser free from damages is to make it clear, take out everything from it. So, with the lightweight, it’ll be easy for the movers to move your dresser more comfortably. Just to make you more comfortable with this, I am briefly listing below when to not keep the clothes in the dresser. As I have quoted above, a mover allows you to keep the clothes in the dresser, but it can harm your dresser in some instances so that you must keep them out.

For Long Distance Moves

Shot of a room full of boxes waiting to be unpacked on moving day For the most part, when moving long-distance, you should take your daily clothes out of your dresser. While traveling a long distance, you must pack your clothes that are out of season or you may have for more formal gatherings. Packing those clothes in any suitcase or other packing items will make your move much smoother.

When You Have An Old Dresser

Bulky waste - old couch and cabinets. Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It? Dresser is not cheap furniture that you can change, so with the old dresser that has been used for years, you may expect damage. It may fall apart during the move. You can minimize the risk of getting damaged by properly removing everything inside it.

When You Have An Oversized Dresser

Large, long, light chest of drawers in the bedroom. Beautiful modern bedroom interior Moving an oversized dresser is quite more daunting for the movers and a dresser that is already very much heavy can’t be moved with clothes. You must make it as empty as possible in order to ensure a safe move. Here you may be thinking about where to keep clothes if not in a dresser. Not to worry about that, we have a solution for that too.

Where To Keep The Clothes If Not To Keep Them In A Dresser?

A Whoman is packing dresses in Suitcases Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It? In order to avoid damage to your dresser, you can’t keep the clothes in the dresser. But obviously, for a move, you have to pack your clothes somewhere. Let me tell you about some ideas to pack your clothes if you cannot keep them in your dresser.

Buy Some Extra Suitcases

Young female selecting travel suitcase in haberdashery store Keeping your clothes in suitcases will keep your clothes safe and managed. You just need to take the clothes out of your dresser and fold them finely to fit in the suitcase.

Use Wardrobe Boxes For Extra Cloths

Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It? Wardrobe boxes are the perfect way to keep your clothes managed and protected. You’ll have perfectly hanging clothes without any wrinkle on them and they’ll be ready to wear any time.

Use Small or Medium Cardboard Boxes

Woman carrying a cardboard box in a warehouse. Using cardboard boxes can be an effective way to keep your clothes. Just take the boxes, fold your clothes, and put them in the boxes.

How Is Your Dresser Protected?

Your professional mover will ensure the safety of your dresser by wrapping it properly. They have all the necessary equipment to pack anything. With few furniture pads, large rubber bands, or tape, covering it with durable stretch paper. Your dresser will be completely protected and will not be damaged in any way.

In The End!

Can You Move A Dresser With Clothes In It, can be answered according to the situation, But if we go with the general recommendation, we’ll conclude that keeping the dresser empty will make your dresser damage-free and it’ll be easier for the movers to move your dresser.
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